Chris Gayle makes a vulgar comment on a female journalist

Star Caribbean batsman Chris Gayle has invited a controversy by making a vulgar comment on a female journalist. Recently, during the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), he was accused of making a vulgar comment on a female journalist during a press conference. A local women organization condemned Chris Gayle’s behavior and asked him to apologize for [...]

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Why start your own business?

Kapil had been working for more than 30 years and became general manager after so much of hard work. He has given notice of 30 days to quit from the job. Why? (Many employees worldwide in all organizations from a fortune 500 company to a small start up left because of this. Five top reasons [...]

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On the way

It was a hot beginning of a day in the month of June. Satpal with his son Charan was ready to go to the market. Charan caught the ear of his donkey and started their journey. They had to travel seven kilometers to reach the market. Satpal was following them. Satpal heard some words from [...]

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Don’t you trust me?

Mark completed his college. He was wasting his time with his friends in wandering and playing. His father David was a rich businessman. He was one of the most reputed entrepreneurs of the city. He felt sorry about his son when he saw him wasting his precious time. He wanted him to join his business. [...]

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Things to consider before you decide to break up

Another fight and you are considering breaking up as the only solution? It is a normal situation to consider breaking up after a fight but before you end up your relationship you need to consider a few things if it will be a right decision or will you regret breaking up with your partner. The [...]

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Future of Facebook

It won’t be exaggerating to say that Facebook has become inevitable part of our life. With more than 1 billion users worldwide it is the biggest social network on the planet at present. Staying connected with friends and colleagues, playing games and for many people sharing status on their Facebook profile is one of the [...]

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How to overcome a breakup?

You will find millions of articles on this subject when you Google it. All of them giving you one or other advice to overcome the pain of a break up but most of these articles are written only to feed the Google search. We really do not understand something until it happens to us. I [...]

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A message

A man was passing by the elephants and got surprised to see that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages. It was obvious that the elephants could, at anytime, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not. He [...]

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Why I am an atheist

What I think of atheism Most of the people because of their prejudice take it completely wrong when they hear someone saying that he is an atheist. Who is an atheist and what is atheism? It varies person to person as what they think of it. In a general sense it is considered that any [...]

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Change your environment to change your life

  Jack failed 4th time in the interview. Jack was cursing himself, “I am fed up with all these failures. I don’t know why this happens to me. There are people out there who are lesser talented than me but they get success. Where do I lack?” When you fail, you curse yourself but does [...]

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